Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Giver Test

Warm up:  What are your thoughts about the ending of the book?  What do you think happened to Jonas and Gabrielle?  Do they die or do they really find Elsewhere?

The Giver Unit Reading Test:
Int/Adv Test

Transitional Test:

Write in your RRJ.  If you could write the next chapter for The Giver, what would happen?  Write an outline/summary that continues the book.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The movie and book ending

  • Read aloud Ch. 22--23 pg. 170--179. Finish the two questions on the Ch. 19--23 Questions when the teacher finishes reading. Make sure you turn it in.
  • Watch movie from 1 hour and 10 minutes to end (1: 28:00)  Remember that a lot of the action (the plane, Asher as pilot, the Giver and Fiona in jail) are just part of the Hollywood drama--these things didn’t happen in the book.  But the very last minutes of the movie (when they’re in the snow) parallel the book.  At the end of the movie, discuss the ending, similarities/differences between the book and movie etc. . .
  • If there's time left, read silently (from The Giver or another book)

The Giver Ending

Warm up

Update graphic organizer

Review ch. 20 questions

1. Read the ending (ch. 21--23)
2. Answer questions

3. Catch up on reading
25 minutes



Turn in The Giver Graphic Organizer
Turn in Ch. 19--23 Questions
Finish any reading that you haven't done

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Giver Ch 19

Warm up

What are some ways that The Giver book is different or similar than the movie?
Kagan Inside-Outside Circle
10 min

Update your graphic organizer with notes from chapters 14-19

Ch 19--23 Questions in Google Classroom
15 min

Teacher Read Aloud

Read Chapter 19 out-loud
Students answer questions (in GC)
20 min

Read chapter 20 at home--answer ch. 20 questions in GC

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Watching The Giver

Warning:  We will watch about 55 minutes of the movie today.  A lot of what you will see today is VERY different from the book.  You need to continue to do the reading so you know what really happens.  

Warm up
Go to GC and take the Ch. 10--11 quiz     
Go to Quizlet:  review Ch. 11-16 vocabulary
link on GC
8--10 minutes
Watch movie from 23 minutes to 1 hour 16 minutes
(Your graphic organizer should already be updated.  Don't add events from the movie to it--the movie is too different from the book.)
Venn diagram--how is the movie different than the book?
52 minutes
Discuss ways the book and movie are different
5-7 minutes
Ch. 14--19
Pg. 108--151
(2:47:03 audio)


The Giver Ch 10--13

Reading Schedule:
Audiobook link:

Nov 14
Ch. 1--3
Pg. 1--26
Nov. 15
Ch. 4--6
Pg. 27--49
37:36 (audiobook)
Nov. 16
Homework: Ch. 7-9
(1:12:20 audiobook)
Nov. 17
Ch. 10--13
P. 72--107
(1:46:44 audio)
Nov. 18

Thanksgiving Break
Ch. 14--19
Pg. 108--151
(2:47:03 audio)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Giver movie part 1

  • Take The Giver Quiz ch. 4-6--You must get at least 66% in order to watch the movie
  • Start reading Ch. 7 (10 minutes)
  • Watch movie
    • You will do The Giver graphic organizer (at least 5 observations today)
per 3 & 6: left off in movie at 23 min

HW: Per 3 Read Chapter 9
         Per 4 Skim Chapter 7-9
         Per6 Skim Chapter 7-9
If you want to use the audiobook (link on GC) Chapter 7 starts at 1 hour, 12 minutes, 20 seconds