Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Reading&Listening Assessment

Students will take a C&E Listening Assessment today--on paper
Reading Assessment is in GC

Homework:  Start editing and revising your rough draft.  Use the checklist here!

Class Celebration this Friday!!
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Writing your conclusion

How to write a conclusion:

Link to the introduction and conclusion that I wrote about fencing:

Link to the C&E essay/letter (this has the writing rubric in it)

By tonight you should have finished the introduction, body paragraph(s), and conclusion.  This is your rough draft.  It still needs to be revised and edited.  Tomorrow we will do a reading and listening C&E assessment.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Introductory paragraph

Obj:  students can write a hook and use the funnel approach to write their introductory paragraph for the essay

1. Youtube video
2.  Think aloud--I will model writing my introduction
3.  Work time--Write your introductory paragraph

HOMEWORK:  By tonight you should have finished your introductory paragraph and should also be done or almost done with the body paragraph.  

Other work that should have already been DONE:
Your graphic organizer for research and evidence
Cause and effect chains

Note about progress grades:  I worked on progress grades this weekend.  However, this morning I realized that some of my assessments were listed under the wrong semester in IC.  This means that when I go to calculate the grades, since all assessments were not listed together, the grade that I gave was not accurate.  Currently,  I'm going through all the assessments again to try to fix this.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Formatting a business letter

Obj:  Student can properly format a business letter.  They will use this for their essay.

Mini-lesson:  formatting a business letter:

Workshop:  Use google to find an address for your business letter
Write the opening part of the business letter
Revise your outline
Begin Body paragraph 1

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Obj:  Students can write their central idea and can outline their C&E details in order to support the central idea

Mini-lesson:  Fencing and dueling in history and modern life--how to use a C&E chain to make your outline

Workshop:  go to Google Classroom, start working on the C&E essay/letter outline in class.  Finish for homework so I can correct it and get it back to you

Homework:  finish ALL the  outline

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Focus and Unity 2

Obj:  Student can evaluate whether an example essay has a central idea and details that support it.

Adv/ Trans Students
  1. Warm up:  see google doc
  2. Evaluate the example essay for focus and unity around a central idea.  Rate it with rubric
  3. What do you think your central idea might be?
  4. Research/ and or planning

Beginning ESL

Monday, March 13, 2017

Model Study C&E essay

Obj:  Students will be able to describe purpose of introduction, body, and conclusion in a letter or an essay.  They also will be able to identify a central idea and details that support it.

Mini-lesson:  pg. 120-124 in Green level Writer's Workout


  1. Analyze C&E Essay, then do Qs 1--5 with a partner (turn in one sheet of paper)
  2. Build a C&E chain and practice paragraph independently (turn that page from packet)
Beginning ESL:

  1. Review same C&E sentences from Friday
  2. In Quizlet make a set of flashcards from the words underlined
  • Green-=verbs
  • Blue= nouns
  • Red=adjectives
     3. On a separate piece of paper, write a sentence for each word